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Monotype Printing

In early 2020 I made monotypes using Golden Open Acrylics. I enjoyed the unpredictable and technically complex artmaking process.


Four of my monotypes were included in On Paper, a 2021 juried exhibition at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Solomons, Maryland.

Text of video:

I’m Barb Mowery from Lusby, Maryland, in the United States. I am mainly a painter. But I also make monotype prints using acrylic paint. 

Monotype is a printmaking technique that generally yields only one good impression from each prepared printing plate. Each print is entirely unique. One way to make them is to paint on a plexiglass plate and then press your paper into the wet paint to pick up the image. 

For the 4 prints I have in the “On Paper” show, I used a sheet of plastic wrap as my printing plate. To print this way, I apply paint to the plastic wrap, then press the plastic wrap against the paper and roll a soft brayer over it to transfer the paint. Then I make hand-painted additions to the printed image.

Monotype is the most painterly method of printmaking. It introduces elements of chance into my image and invites me to respond immediately to the printed marks. 

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