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Barb Mowery is Artist-in-Residence-in-Motherhood


Excerpts from Studio Diary

May 12, 2021:

I was called "Mom" 84 times and "Mommy" 1 time today. No one used my name, not even the telemarketer (they asked to speak with the "homeowner").


June 14, 2021:

According to bereavement expert Kenneth Doka, disenfranchised grief is a loss that is not openly acknowledged, socially mourned, or publicly supported. That describes my pandemic experience. I was in a state of grieving for the loss of momentum, loss of solitude, loss of focus, and loss of connection.

February 6, 2022:

I have been taking reference photos of household chaos for at least 3 years. That's like driving around for an hour looking for somewhere to paint--the problem is not the scenery. I had a few dozen pictures printed out in color at Staples and then cut and collaged them together with hand-painted paper, working quickly. The results are pleasing and weird and full of tension. 

This is a page from Barb Mowery's ARIM studio journal. It is an imaginary task list.
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