Excerpts from Studio Diary

May 1, 2021: 

Spent time sitting with the idea of this residency and wondering what it will be about. It is definitely not about summer arts and crafts projects with my children. But it might be about noticing. It might be about playful experimentation. It might be about light. And it might be equal parts process and product.

May 12, 2021:

I was called "Mom" 84 times and "Mommy" 1 time today. No one used my name, not even the telemarketer (they asked to speak with the "homeowner").


June 14, 2021:

According to bereavement expert Kenneth Doka, disenfranchised grief is a loss that is not openly acknowledged, socially mourned, or publicly supported. That describes my pandemic experience. I was in a state of grieving for the loss of momentum, loss of solitude, loss of focus, and loss of connection.

August 29, 2021:

Being home with my children all summer blew this project out of the water. They return to in-person school in a few days. For how long, though, no one knows. I will resume work and extend the timeline of the project.

This is a page from Barb Mowery's ARIM studio journal. It is an imaginary task list.