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Barb Mowery is Artist-in-Residence-in-Motherhood


Work in Progress

84 Moms

On May 12, 2021, the people who spoke to me called me “Mom” 84 times during a single day. I counted. I am making a body of work to represent that experience. What does being called "Mom" 84 times in one day look like? How does it feel? How can I synthesize that?

Several of Barb Mowery's artwork series called "84 Moms"

Light Year

I am mainly a landscape painter who works mainly in acrylics. I snap source photos of interesting landscapes while I’m out driving around, and I like to paint on location. But when the pandemic began, I stayed home with my family for months. Without venturing into the world to collect inspiration, I had trouble painting in my studio. Last winter I started noticing the quality of sunlight on my windowsills. I grappled with whether my subject was the houseplants being lit or the light itself. I obeyed to the urge to tape sheets of Bristol to my studio floor. I worked with long-handled brushes to keep my marks loose, and I used Flashe (vinyl) paint for the first time. While distinct from my landscape paintings, these new still lifes carry forward my interest in the intersection of natural and man-made forms and the play of light and shadow. More about "Light Year" is here.

Barb Mowery's painting "Garden Reflections" from her series of paintings of houseplants.

Household Chaos Collages

I have been taking reference photos of household chaos for at least 3 years. I had a few dozen printed out in color and then cut and collaged them together with hand-painted paper, working quickly. The results are pleasing and weird and full of tension. Still early days. 


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