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Close to Home

The scenes in this series are all within walking distance of my home. They are a snapshot of a time when my children were small and the orbit of my life was equally small. The result is a very personal project. I also considered  whether correct values (light & dark) are more important than accurate colors. And, if they are, how far can I push the color before a painting falls apart?

These paintings were exhibited in 2017 at Bishop's Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine in Snow HIll, MD.

Otherwise Mundane

This group of my paintings feature special moments in otherwise mundane places, like my suburban neighborhood, parking lots, and office parks. As they say, what you pay attention to becomes important. And I'm paying attention, especially while running errands.

They were exhibited at Bishop's Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine in Snow Hill, Maryland, in October 2019.

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